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 1.Sometimes I just stutter (Eelco de Geus).
A book for children in the age 7 to 12 who have emotional reactions to stuttering. It explains stuttering and helps to cope with the feelings that come along with it.
2. Trouble at recess (by Jamie).
A story written by an 8 year old girl, about a stuttering girl who copes with teasing by explaining stuttering to her class mates.
3. Boo goodnight to Halloween (Tracy Harrison).
A story for preschoolers about a stuttering ghost.
An illustrated poem for school-aged children about a bird who is ashamed for not being able to squawk, but in the end overcomes his fear tot talk.
5. The story of the princess who stuttered (Izabella)
A fairy tale of a princess who stammered. The book is in Slovenian but can easily be translated with Google translate.
6. Tarby rockets to slower speech (Craig Coleman and Mary Weidner)
A book about a turtle who learns that talking to fast makes it difficult for people to understand him. It teaches children how to use pausing, phrasing and appropriate turn-taking.
The stuttering is symbolized by a hippo growing bigger and bigger, until Jeremy learns to accept his stuttering and stops fighting.
8. Rufus likes to talk (Nina A. Reardon)
Angel loves to talk (Nina A. Reardon)
Two short illustrated story’s for preschoolers and their parents, about accepting speech, whether it is smooth or bumpy. The first story is about a boy, the second is about a girl.
9. Changing the words around (Alan Badmington)
A comic strip for school children about overcoming the fear of stuttering and no longer avoiding words.

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